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There has probably been a time when you have thought, why should I hire a web designer? When I can just do it all myself! I know that a few of our clients have come to us with this exact thought! However, the reality of needing a professional web designer and web developer sinks in when they realised the amount of time and effort that goes into creating a website.

The time

When you start to create your website you need to spend the time researching certain aspects. Things such as competitor research, target audience, and also what is currently online – in terms of the design and development of websites.

Corrections and fixes

The one thing a designer and developer can do is correcting any problems that may occur. For example, we had a client that uploaded a plugin onto their site, the plugin made the footer display incorrectly, we went into the backend to explore the problem, within minutes we realised that something was on that shouldn’t be (scroll with screen – this made the footer have a white gap at the bottom). All we had to do was turn that section off and the problem was sorted in minutes – the client had spent a few days trying to figure this out. If your one of our clients we will always look after you, no problem is too big or too small.

Design with the user experience in mind (UX)

As we always spend the first few hours/day whatever is required on a project doing a little research we discover what the target audience is looking for.


We understand the importance of SEO. Using the correct heading tags, font sizes, image tags, and original content, all play a role in good SEO basics. The quality and quantity of links and layout of containers and images are incredibly important amongst ranking for keywords and such things.

The layout

There are certain layouts that work and certain layouts that do not work. Designers have to follow strict guidelines that do not hinder the design or finish of the website but do highly affect that thought behind the design. There are limitations to the structure that the website must fit in, this affects the user-friendliness, functionality, and visual features. Professional web designers know these issues and incorporate them into their design. Without these, the website will not function properly across all formats, and also will not offer a good UX for the visitor.

So in short, it may save you money short term; in the long term, you could potentially face problems that could have a negative impact on your online presence. When going it alone you do not get the support of a professional. So save yourself the problems and the time and get in touch with us! We offer a range of services for start-ups and more established businesses so why not get in contact with us for your web design needs and you could find yourselves featuring in our blog!